The Incoming and Outgoing students of T.E.I. Piraeus assesed their experience in the ERASMUS Programme.The questionnaire is divided into three parts and our office will use their responses in order to improve our services offered.

Part 1.0 Evaluation of the Erasmus Office
We ask to evaluate the training, experience and helpfulness of the ERASMUS personnel and the facilities of our office.

Part 2.0 Evaluation of the T.E.I. of Piraeus University We ask you to evaluate the efficiency of T.E.I. Piraeus schedule, the academic quality of the professors and the efficiency of our courses

Part 3.0 Cultural and Social Experiences We ask you to give us your opinion of the environment of T.E.I. Piraeus based on your social experience of your visit. There are three areas for assessment, entertainment and outdoor activities, opinion of every day life in our country, and the level of Social policies in Greece.

You can find the results of your responses here

Please assess our office and T.E.I. Piraeus here